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What is a cenote?

Cenotes are freshwater wells that provide access to flooded underground galleries. Present throughout the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, they reflect a great cultural and historical importance to the Mayas, who attribute them a mystical aspect. These geological formations were treasured and used by ancient Mayan civilizations for the supply of drinking water and religious rituals. Nowadays, the cenotes keep on captivating visitors with their natural beauty and offer diving and swimming experiences in their crystal-clear waters. 

Any cenote guide will agree: Diving into these mystical wells are among the most extraordinary diving experience in the world.

Diving in a cenote is different from an immersion in the sea. Besides the natural life, you’ll discover a completely different atmosphere. These ancient areas are full of surprises. With geological formations millions of years old and fossils of shells scattered all around, we find ourselves immersed in another world.

The water, which can be fresh or salty within the same dive, is exceptionally clear, giving the impression of flying among these remains. And not to mention the unreal light effects that unfold around us !

Immerse yourself in another world, the world of Xibalba, as calls by the Mayas. You will be captivated by this experience which will leave an indelible memory.

There are two types of Cenote diving: cave diving, which requires a specific technical training, and cavern diving, accessible to any diver with at least a level 1/Open Water or the equivalent.

To be considered as a cavern dive, the diver must always be within 60 meters of an exit and always have a source of natural light. Moreover, all divers must have enough space to progress without touching any area of the cavern. The selection of the cenote will depend on the depth authorized by your level of certification (but will not exceed 30 meters in any case).

Visibility being practically unlimited and the current almost non-existent, cenote diving is accessible to all levels of certifications.

7.30-8 am: Pick up at your hotel or meeting place agreement. (An early departure is recommended in order to arrive among the first on the dive sites).

Arrival on site: Briefing, preparation and equipment set up.

Water entrance: Each cenote has an open area where we can perform buoyancy exercises (if necessary) before starting the dive.

Dive time: Between 45 mins and one hour per dive (depending on air consumption).

Snack break between the two dives.

After the two dives, we enjoy typical Mexican tacos prepared by a local taqueria. 

The return time will depend on the proximity of the Cenotes chosen (between Puerto Morelos and Tulum) and the traffic (usually between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m.).

The selection of cenotes will be made according to the weather of the day, your preferences and your diving experience.




* between 15$us and 20$us per cenote

**15$/day or included for any reservation of more than 3 days

From 135$US

Discount applying to any reservation of 2 divers or more.

Any questions ? Don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll reach out when out of the water.

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